Welcome to Sanskriti College

Online studies are designed for students whose scheduling commitments would otherwise make it difficult to enroll in a full-time higher education program. Offered for individual courses, diplomas, associate’s degrees and certificate programs, online studies are a valuable option. The resulting qualification a graduate receives after successfully completing.

Who We Are ?

Sanskriti College is first IT/CS college of Beawar, Rajasthan, India established in 2002 by Sukriti Shikshan Samiti, Beawar. Beawar is a small town located in Ajmer district of Rajasthan, India.

Sanskriti College started primarily with the objective to provide an opportunity to  native students, professional degree and diploma courses as there was no one offering these skills based professional courses at that time.

Currently, we are offering BCA, M.Sc.(Computer Science) courses in regular mode and BCA,MCA,B.Com.,BBA, MBA courses in distance learning mode.

Our slogan is – “Think High to Fly High” and our motivational keywords are – “Innovation, Enthusiasm and Expertise“.

Our Teaching Methodology

Sanskriti College is renowned for quality teaching methodologies and expert faculties. We always hired best faculties with great subject expertise and dedication to teaching with passion.

Here are some focal points about our teaching methodology-

  • Emphasize on balance of theory and practical.
  • Different approach to different subjects as required.
  • Gradual transformation from manual to automated task.
  • Fusion of traditional and modern teaching methodologies.
  • Explanation of need, background and usage of particular topic.
  • Layered approach – means lesser details to in-depth in many rounds.
  • No easy, quick fix solutions provided for boosting do-it-yourself habits.
  • Practice Problems based on Real life implementation of technology involved.
  • Extensive usage of modern technology – internet, web,mobile, social networking etc.
  • Cross check of conceptual benefits and co-relation with legacy as well as modern technology.

Our achievements

Sanskriti College has always been consistent in its teaching standard without any compromise in quality of learning.

Today, our students are working at various designations in not only private organizations as well as in government jobs and even abroad.

What’s more important about it is that we never offered any kind of placement through campus since we belongs to a small town where companies hesitates to organize a placement drive. But, thanks to our faculties who have laid a solid foundation and deep learning experience in our students which prepared them for nearly any kind of competence.

We never believed in marketing and advertising our student’s achievement as ours, in turn, never collected formally any data and display in public domain in newspapers and on electronic advertising medium.

Our philosophy – if we have mastered the art of our work, let’s speak itself, you don’t have to.

Our Future Ambitions

Sanskriti College has a vision with value to transform the lives of as many new generations as possible through skill based course delivery. We are pledged to continue this effort in every possible way despite unimaginable hardships. We will continue to conquer new landscapes with our firm determinations.

We have converted this website in a full-fledged state of the art learning management system, and we call it with all of our love – Sanskriti Remote Learning Hub (SRLH). SRLH is a brain child of Sanskriti College, which will be gradually transformed into the next generation powerful and flexible online learning platform. We are committed to leverage the power of technology. 

Of-course we have further expansion plans to expand our wings, which will be announced at suitable time. Hope students will greatly benefit from SRLH.

Happy Learning !

Team Sanskriti

Coming Soon - Certificate Generation

Upon the request of our students, we have just launched this remote learning hub and now planning to launch soon the certificate generation. Means, you can now complete a course fully online and then get a certificate automatically generated in your account, can be easily downloaded.